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Snow by the Bag

20 lb bag of snow

We can deliver to your home 20lb bags of snow. In order to qualify for delivery there is a 20 bag minimum order. Our snow is made from Ice and there are no artificial ingredients.

Do what you want with the snow but we recommend not using this on gravel or blacktop as the snow tends to suck up the dirt from the ground. In December the snow tends to last about 6 to 8 hours depending on temperature. To make the snow last even longer you can place it under a tent to keep the sunlight off the snow.


Snow is $10.00 per 20 lb bag with a 20 bag minimum. There is also a $20 delivery fee. Additional mileage may apply if more than 20 miles from our location. strives to provide the best service possible to our clients. We provide snow events in the San Antonio area and have years of experience booking entertainment for Christmas Tree Lightings, Fall Festivals, and Church events. We understand how important your event can be or how important it is to provide the best entertainment to your employees, clients, and parishioners.

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